Reservation :

To reserve a vehicle with Samicar, you can do it online or contact one of our agencies in Morocco.

Delivery / collection:

Vehicles can be delivered or picked up at the location of your choice. (Airports, Hotels, Stations, etc...)
The use of vehicles on unpaved tracks is absolutely prohibited.

How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?

At the end of the reservation process you will access a "Confirmation of reservation" page which indicates your reservation number. You will also receive a confirmation by email reminding you of this number and the details of your reservation. We advise you to print it and keep it and present it when the vehicle is delivered.

What documents must I present to the SAMICAR agency to pick up my vehicle?

You must present:
• a driving license in your name issued in your country of residence.
• a valid credit card in the driver's name
• your passport or identity card for national residents

How should I proceed when picking up the car?

A deposit will be required once you arrive at the pick-up location for your rental vehicle. The amount of the said deposit will be blocked (not debited) on your payment card at the time of pick-up or, in the event of online check-in.

What profile and age should I have as a driver?

The driver must be at least 23 years old and hold a driving license with a minimum of 2 years seniority. Only the driver named in the contract can take the wheel.

Do I have to walk around the vehicle before leaving the agency?

We advise you to check that the condition of the vehicle entrusted to you complies with the document provided at the same time as the contract. If you notice a defect or a shock not mentioned, notify the agency staff before setting off.

We always rigorously check our rental vehicles, but to error is human. If, after picking up your rental vehicle, you notice any damage that is not stated in your rental agreement, please call us as soon as possible. For example, if you picked up your vehicle in the evening, please call us the next morning. Our phone number is listed on the front of your rental agreement. If, on the other hand, the vehicle has been delivered to you, please call the number indicated on the front of your rental agreement.

I returned the vehicle late. Can I avoid additional billing:

Rental days are counted in 24-hour periods and we grant 1 hour of courtesy. Any overrun automatically results in the invoicing of a full day
Driving abroad has never been easier as you can use your original driving license in the majority of countries in North Africa, South Africa,


We always strive to assign you the model you want. When we are unable to assign you a car in the chosen category, which remains exceptional, we then provide you with an equivalent or higher class model. It won't cost you anything extra, because we want everything to be perfect for your trip.


The vehicles are insured against all risks (the tires are not included). However, for any damage other than the theft of the vehicle, fire, civil liability and persons transported (PAI), a capped non-redeemable deductible remains the responsibility of the driver. in the event that its partial or full liability is engaged. For any accident, a statement is mandatory.
Things that are not included in this warranty: The radio, the telephone, the car key, the accessories, abnormal deterioration of the tires, damage caused to the organs located under the vehicle, all clothing or objects lying on the inside the car from the trunk, or on the roof rack for which the customer remains his own insurer.


Indeed, a recurring concern. When you come to pick up your vehicle, we examine it together and report any existing damage on your rental agreement or on the vehicle condition report. You then sign this document to confirm that you are satisfied. Rest assured, we will never charge for damage that already exists.
You will also not be charged for scratches and scuffs incurred during travel - these are part of normal wear and tear on a vehicle. This includes: - Any surface abrasion that can be polished. - Any small scratch less than 25mm and not having penetrated the paint (nail test: run the nail over the scratch to feel the depth of the scratch). - Any dent and/or bump less than 25mm in diameter and without peeling paint. Any impact (stones) less than 5mm in diameter on the bodywork. - Any type of scratched hubcap (without cracks, without damage or deformation).
In the event of damage occurring during the rental, you will be invoiced on the basis of the costing carried out by the Garage - the amounts invoiced are established according to the average of the repair costs of the most representative vehicles of each category. In the event of damage, we will invoice the total amount of the repairs as established when signing the contract.

Duration :

The rental is granted for the duration determined in the contract, except for a conventional extension granted by the lessor. In the absence of return, at the agreed deadline, the latter reserves the right to take back the vehicle wherever it is, at the expense of the tenant.

Vehicle Drivers:

The name of the renter indicated on the Rental Agreement is that of the main driver, who must be present when signing the Rental Agreement and to whom the costs related to the rental are invoiced. Only the main driver and drivers for whom the "additional driver" option has been taken out (having presented the supporting documents indicated in article III. Documents to be produced when picking up the Vehicle)
are covered by the additional insurance and additional protection included in the Rental Agreement. If the driver of the Vehicle is neither the main driver nor the additional driver, you will be liable for the damage suffered by the Vehicle within the limit of its market value, as well as the costs and costs related to its immobilization.

Payment :

At the start of the rental, you must present Samicar with a bank, credit or debit card. The card presented must be in the name of the main driver, be still valid on the scheduled date of return of the Vehicle, and, in the event of collection of a Vehicle which has been the subject of a prior reservation, the card presented must be that used for said reservation. The rental amount is payable in euros, using one of the following accepted means of payment: - Payment by bank, credit or debit card: You can pay for your rental by bank card, credit card (Carte Bleue, Visa , Euro-Mastercard,),. The bank or credit or debit card used to pay for the rental must be in the name of the main driver and correspond to the bank or credit or debit card presented at the start of the rental.
Payment can be made by Swift transfer, by credit card.
Our rates include Unlimited mileage, vehicle lubricants and maintenance, vehicle delivery/collection. Our prices are expressed in Euros.
* In case of return of the car before the scheduled end date of the reservation, the customer does not benefit from any refund for the remaining period.


In the event of a mechanical breakdown or accident which prevents You from continuing your journey and/or forces You to stop the Vehicle to avoid a breakdown, You benefit from an assistance service, included in the price of your rental.
In the event of an accident, as soon as You become aware of it and have the possibility and at the latest within a maximum period of five (5) working days, You must (i) inform the departure Samicar agency (or Samicar Assistance) and, where appropriate, local law enforcement authorities; (ii) submit, within the same period, or send Samicar an amicable accident report.

Deposit :

The security deposit. In addition to the rental price (either that You prepaid at the time of booking, or that You will pay when collecting the Vehicle or returning the Vehicle) Samicar asks You to leave a security deposit. This security deposit takes the form of a bank pre-authorization.
The amount of this security deposit is determined according to several criteria such as the category of Vehicle that You are renting, the Rental Period and any additional mobility services that you will subscribe to when picking up the Vehicle. Other features of your reservation may also affect the amount of the deposit.
Samicar may also charge You various fees and allowances that Samicar may apply in the event of incidents that may occur during the Rental Period and/or due to the way in which You have used the Vehicle.
These fees and charges include
“Damage” to the Vehicle (any physical damage or act of vandalism) and/or “Theft of the Vehicle” (theft of the Vehicle itself or accessories and/or attempted theft of the Vehicle or any accessory). Your liability in this respect may be limited depending on the type of protection You have chosen to take out. Basic and Premium
The Administrative Costs of processing Damage caused to the Vehicle.
The following specific additional costs and rights: (i) surcharges linked to the rental at stations located in airports or train stations (ii) the cost of returning the Vehicle to a Samicar agency other than the one where You picked it up ; (iii) the extension of your rental.
Nb: this pre-authorization will be canceled after 21 days max
A credit card imprint is required upon delivery.

traffic ticket :

.As the hirer of the Vehicle, you are financially and criminally liable for any infringements of the applicable driving and parking rules. Consequently, you are liable for any offenses occurring following driving and/or use of the vehicle in contravention of the applicable driving and parking rules. Failing this, Samicar communicates your details to the competent authorities. For each fine, an administrative processing fee will be invoiced to you by Avis, according to the price indicated in the applicable Tariff Conditions.

In which cases additional costs may be charged?

In general, the customer is required to pay additional costs in the event of non-compliance with the clauses appearing in the contract. Indeed Samicar is expressly authorized to apply the corresponding charges to the credit card after having provided the reasons for which these charges are applied and the justification of the amount.
In particular, Samicar may invoice the CLIENT, as the case may be, for expenses related to:
• ANY damage or loss caused to the vehicle, the coverage of which is not justified and/or provided by THE CUSTOMER with the costs of immobilization of the vehicle, the amount of which results from the application of the current type of costs.
• The amount paid by Samicar for fines, administrative management expenses and legal costs for each procedure arising from traffic offenses or violations of the law by any authorized driver, including penalties related to late payment by the Customer.

Optional equipment and services
Full-full option
When recovering your vehicle, you can request the full tank option.
You will be charged for fuel costs: before returning your vehicle, please replace the fuel you have used. If you return your vehicle with less fuel than when you picked it up, you will be charged a non-refundable service fee of €25 in addition to the missing fuel
Unused fuel will not be refunded.

How soon do I have to return the car?

The time limit for returning the rental car is granted by the duration determined in the contract, except for a conventional extension granted by the lessor. Failing return on the agreed due date, the latter reserves the right to take back the vehicle wherever it is, at the tenant's expense.
In case of cancellation how do I process?
In the event of cancellation of your reservation, 50% of the amount of the deposit is refunded if the request is made before 48 hours In the event of return of the car before the scheduled end date of the reservation, the customer does not benefit from any reimbursement for the remaining period.

Long-term rental (LLD)

Very advantageous rates are offered for any rental of more than one month.
Daily rates are calculated on a 24 hour basis.
Weekly rates are calculated on the basis of 7 consecutive days.

Rental with driver :

This service is provided at the customer's request, please specify it at the time of booking for a personalized quote.